PCS Cleaning Service


Your time to enjoy the last days in Germany…

Moving to another apartment, house, country or even back to the United States is very tedious. The recommended PCS-Cleaning is just one thing you don´t need to deal with. Just let us know what it is you have to do, and we will take care of it. Allow us to offer our full-service cleaning for your PCS move.

For Housing Units only:

Before you setup an appointment with us, ask your housing office/housing inspector specifically what you need to clean. They have minimum standarts and 100% cleaning standarts. Problem is that some inspectors will tell you to do a minimum cleaning standart but clean the windows too/only on the inside.

According to the actual housing information sheet is this considered a full (100%) cleaning. We just want to ensure that you will pass your final inspection based on the requirements housing gave you.

Consultation and Assessment Services:

  • Meet the German landlord to discuss aspects of work.
  • Be a liaison with other German contractors.

Apartment cleaning:

  • Partial or complete
  • Government and private quarters (minimum or 100%)

Apartment renovation:

  • Partial or complete
  • Government and private quarters
  • Painting, wallpapering, wood floors, interior doors, pressure washing and carpet cleaning.

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